Restored by Touch Massage and Wellness ~ Reaching Deep Tissue with Gentle Touch for Optimal Results. ~ Modifying Lifestyle to Maintain Results.
Restored by Touch Massage and Wellness ~ Reaching Deep Tissue with Gentle Touchfor Optimal Results. ~ Modifying Lifestyle to Maintain Results. 

Gentle Deep Tissue

How can a massage therapist reach deep muscles with gentle touch for optimal results? Don't deep techniques have to hurt to work?

Those are some questions asked when we state our motto: reaching deep tissue with gentle touch for optimal results. Here’s how it works:
Healthy muscles can take strong pressure without experiencing tenderness. Pain is the body’s warning system that something is wrong. Clients complaining of pain typically have hypertonic muscles that have reached a discernible pain threshold.

A massage therapist with strong palpation skills can discern the tonicity of the muscle. That’s how she targets that “spot” needing special attention.

Reaching deep tissue with gentle touch happens when the therapist is sensitive to the body’s feedback. The pressure applied is a sort of asking permission of the muscles to let the therapist go deep. Muscle feedback dictates how much pressure the muscle will allow without resisting. At that optimal edge, the client usually experiences “feel good” tenderness. Each time the muscle is treated at the optimal level, it allows the therapist to go deeper and deeper without going beyond that feel good tenderness.

When therapists respect the natural physiology of the body and working with its cues, the muscles will be more likely to reach higher states of release and maintain the release longer—especially when the client modifies lifestyle to invite and maintain release.

To experience deep yet gentle release make an appointment with Restored by Touch.

Benefits of Massage

Injury Recovery and Relaxation

Gain: Calm, Energy, Flexibility, Circulation, Immune System Function, Health Awareness and More
Overcome: Headaches, TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder), Plantar Fasciitis, FMS (Fibromyalgia Syndrome), CMP (Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome), Depression, & More

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