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“I’m getting better results from my sessions with you than I did with acupuncture or chiropractic adjustments."

That's because Restored by Touch in Greater Orlando, Florida uses the same Medical Massage techniques approved as the only massage used at the internationally renowned Barrow Neurological Institute at Dignity Health St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix, AZ.

Using this Medical Massage program, developed and perfected to teach in the U.S. by Dr. Turchaninov MD, our lead massage therapist is able to effectively treat and in most cases eliminate over 60 medical conditions using Medical Massage procedures currently being used in Russia, Europe, Australia, Ireland, and in the U.S.


Thank you for considering Restored by Touch as your muscle health support provider. If you’re looking for advanced skilled therapists and lifestyle consultants with a personal touch, you’ve come to the right place. We’re ready to help you reach your massage and optimal health goals with scientific precision and family-style personalized care.

Our sessions are never rushed or mechanical. Appointments start in a relaxing setting with a pre-massage health screening. This sets the foundation for a customized treatment plan combining various techniques targeting individual preferences, health issues, stress levels, career/job/lifestyle demands, and existing pain/tension. Each therapy session differs from client to client and may differ between sessions for the same person. Unwavering is the commitment to implement safe science-based tactics used to maximize clients’ highest well-being with consistency.

Note: Testimonials from community leaders and others who have used our services are further down this page. 

Where Science and Heart Merge

Lead Medical Massage Clinician Carole Suzanne Jackson


Carole Suzanne Jackson, BS, MA, LMT, CMMP, Board Certified


Carole Suzanne was first drawn to massage therapy when her own back pain defied help from chiropractors and physicians. After trigger point therapy provided relief in 1989, she began an apprenticeship with her massage therapist. Discovering her own extraordinary palpation skills, Carole honed in on muscle hypertension and trigger points with precision. Her clients often exclaim, “How did you find that spot! I didn’t know it was there.”  


With a 99.99% success rate, her clients consistently achieve stable healing resolving tension and pain. She customizes a variety of clinically tested medical massage protocols to address each client’s problem areas. 

Lifestyle changes help maintain the relief. Carole's clients enjoy high success making healthy lifestyle changes as she coaches them in how to work the necessary changes into the demands common to everyday life. "It's my job to tell you how to support your muscle health goals, it's your job to decide if you want to implement it. If so, I will give you all the support necessary to make it happen. If one way doesn't work for you, we'll find another way," Carole reassures her clients.


Carole Suzanne's experience as a former dancer, being one of the first in Florida to be certified as a functional fitness instructor complimented her college studies in exercise science and serves her clients well in self-care instructions. It's no wonder they are consistently achieving their goals.


"Scoliosis is my favorite condition to treat. When eligible clients follow the full protocol, their changes are so dramatic. It's a great joy to bring relief to people who have suffered for so many years,” says Ms. Jackson. "According to Dr. Ross, orthopedic surgeon, chiropractor, and expert in clinically tested medical massage techniques, medical massage is the number one non-invasive treatment protocol yielding the best relief for some cases of scoliosis. When combined with chiropractic spinal adjustments, it’s the perfect marriage for optimal relief and healthy aging."


Another condition with few effective treatment options is migraines. Medical massage protocols will completely resolve 80% of all migraine type headaches and greatly improve the remaining 20%.

Listed below are just a few testimonials from happy clients. Be sure to review our page dedicated to scoliosis. It's complete with pictures of visible progress within just 21 days!

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Most of our clients need advanced medical massage treatments. We use clinically tested protocols. Our head therapist studies under Dr. Ross Tourtchaninov. He is an orthopedic surgeon, chiropractor, and massage expert. He was the head of the whole Ukraine in setting medical massage standards for the country. He has studied massage in 7 different countries and is known as the Father of Medical Massage in the USA. 


Carole Suzanne specializes in scoliosis, headaches, and pain below the waist such as low back, knee, foot, . . . The following lists typical results of medical massage. In addition, see our Scoliosis Specialty page.

Foot Pain Relieved at Conference On-site  
Your therapeutic massage took me from level 9 pain at start of session to level 2 by the end. The next day I worked with no thought of foot pain.  I can hardly wait to get your advanced medical massage package. I’m ready to resolve this foot pain completely. ~ Trish Carr, Co-founder

Old Injuries Relieved -- back, neck, hand

“It’s the gift that keeps on giving. My wife, who is a massage connoisseur, delighted in her massage Christmas gift when back and neck pain she had had longer than 25 years remains gone for going on a year since her treatment. She also regained range of motion in her fingers although the injury was over 10 years old. In addition, many people from our chamber have received relief from chronic pain beyond all expectations.” ~ Mark Goldstein, Central Florida Christian Chamber President,

Migraine Type Headache & CMPS Relieved
"Before receiving massage, I hurt from head to toe in many places. Carole Suzanne explained that I had trigger points in all four of the major quadrants of my body. Unless the key areas in each quadrant were treated, it could exacerbate the problem and or render the treated areas unable to hold the treatments. That required a two-hour massage with trigger point release techniques. I also needed weekly follow-up one-hour sessions for a couple months or so. Scheduling late-night massages helped me work them into my busy schedule. She also taught me good self-care techniques. Now I’m pain-free for a month or two between treatments. Continuing regular massage every month or so helps me manage long hours  working at  the computer that is so hard on my body.” ~ Cheri Cowell, freelance  writer  and speaker,

Plantar Fasciitis Relieved
During my first treatment for plantar fasciitis, I could tolerate light touch only. Carole Suzanne managed trigger point releases at my comfort level. I felt instant relief. By the second treatment, I could receive three times the pressure. I'm amazed that she found trigger points in my calves that affected my feet. I’ve remained free from plantar fasciitis pain since that treatment about a year ago. It’s been incredibly restorative." ~ Charlene Davis, business writer

Hip Pain Relieved
"Thanks so much for the massage and consultation last night. I feel so good today!! And my hip doesn't hurt anymore [after one session]! Yea! Hope you have a blessed day today. "
~ Linda Patrick, receptionist

Fybromialgia Relieved
"I have used massage therapy for years, not only for my fibromyalgia but also for lower back and hip problems. I have used therapists who know what they are doing and those who, when it comes to FM, don't. I can honestly say that Carole Suzanne Jackson's technique did more to help my FM than the others. What amazed me most was not just how good I felt when I left the appointment, but also how much better I felt the following day. When I implemented stretching, as Ms. Jackson suggested, my joints and muscles did wonderful things! I'm not even sure I can explain it. I can only tell you that it felt soooo gooood! And, I've noticed that with her technique, my body stays pain-free longer. I highly recommend Restored by Touch for anyone who has suffered from fibromyalgia."
~ Eva Marie Everson, speaker/writer,

Drop Foot Relieved

“I’m getting better results from my sessions with you than I did with acupuncture or chiropractic adjustments. My foot was dragging when I walked; it now feels almost normal [after two sessions]. I'm doing the self-care you recommended; that's helping also.”
~ NG, photographer


Severe Headache Relieved
"I came to Restored by Touch when my doctor prescribed massage to treat a migraine that I’d had over three months. After my first treatment, I was able go off the heavy medication. After my third treatment, relief came—no pain, no tension." ~ JS, seminary student

Chair Massage - Women's Retreat

"I can't wait to come and see you [for my personal appointment] .....You are awesome!
Everybody is still talking about you and their [chair] massage ~ they expressed to me that they want you back at next year's retreat!.

I will be giving your information out to . . .

Again thank you and see you soon!"
~ Evangelist Reed, Truth By Fire International Ministries, Inc.

Chair Massage - Student Welcome Back
“Thank you for your participation in making Palm Beach Atlantic University’s, Orlando Campus, Fall Welcome Week a huge success. We appreciate your willingness to come out and provide [chair] massages for our staff, faculty, and students. You definitely helped make our first week back a huge success.

We look forward to partnering with you in the future.”
~ Dr. Craig Domeck / Dean, Palm Beach Atlantic University, Central Florida Campuses

More Reviews - Read testimonials from satisfied clients on Google. 

Therapeutic Modalities


We primarily use clinically tested medical massage protocols advocated by the Science of Massage Institute. This treats all levels of soft tissue such as skin, fascia, muscle, and periosteum. It is a very targeted treatment getting to the origin of the pain rather than treating the symptoms alone. Clinicians proficient in this advanced medical massage rank in the top 2 percentile of massage therapists in the United States. 


Some of the more commonly known modalities include Swedish, "deep tissue," myofascial release, trigger point therapy, post-isometric relaxation (PIR) stretching, and active isolated stretching. With customized massages, Carole may also incorporate some craniosacral therapy, and/or reflexology. She has advanced training under Aaron Mattes.

Education & Professional Organizations

Certified Medical Massage Practitioner. CMMP Certification completed in 2017. 
The science of Massage Institute 2014 - current physician lead education. Lead physician at SOMI Dr. Ross Turchaninov--orthopedic surgeon, chiropractor, and an expert in massage with five PhDs in related fields. At least 32 hours of continuing education per year at SOMI since 2014 totaling 1950 hours of Masters level training by 2019.

Active Isolated Stretching - 64 hours of advanced training by Aaron Mattes 2009 and 2012.

Board Certification for Therapeutic Massage and Body Work, since December

Florida Department of Health - Licenses MM26405, MA 55130 Board of Massage Therapy since December 2008


Florida State Massage Therapy Association, Inc; Nov. 2008 - Nov. 2011

American Massage Therapy Association Since July 2012


Central Florida Christian Chamber of Commerce - July 2013 - July 2014


Word Weavers Professional Writers Group; July 1999 - October 2006 and steering committee member October 2002 – October 2005. Rejoined July 2017. 


Northland Church since 1992


Man in the Mirror program by Patrick Morley since 2004

Related Professional Experiences 

Freelance Licensed Massage Therapist since December 2008

Freelance Copy and Health Writer / Speaker since 2001


Adjunct Professor, Valencia Community College: Public Speaking, Personal Health, and Student Success, August 1993 – December 1996


Wellness  Lifestyle Coach, University of Central Florida Wellness Center 1986 – 1988

Exercise Instructor, Slim Dimensions Woman's Fitness Center (personal strength training on free weights and group calisthenic strength conditioning classes)



* Complimentary 20-minute consults are given when requested prior to the initial office visit. It provides general information common to the condition in question. Consults do NOT include full health histories and clinical evaluations.  

Spine & Posture 

Unexplained Chronic Pain
Muscle Imbalances
Pinched Nerves


Cervical (neck)

Chronic pain resulting from: Migraine Type Headaches (80% resolve completely)
Forward head posture

Shoulder Pain

Hand Pain

Lumbar Related (lower back)

Unexplained chronic Pain


Osteoarthritis (Yes, knees)

Plantar Faciitis

Foot Drop Gait


Physician Trained 

Board Certified 



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