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Welcome to a rich educational experience on your journey to pain-free living. 


Education and healthy living support help secure lasting pain relief for our clients. Our blogs are intended for educational purposes only. In no way do they substitute for medical advice from your physician or other medical care providers.

Any stories with client quotes in them have been changed to protect privacy. 

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Unless otherwise indicated by guest bloggers, our lead massage clinician, Carole Suzanne Jackson, BS, MA, LMT, CMMP, BCTMB, writes our blogs. Please find them listed in the blog menu.

Her studies of muscle function reach into childhood where her love for dance and gymnastics started. She was one of the first fitness instructors in Florida to earn the Governor's fitness certification. Carole Suzanne's thirst for knowledge led her to study preventative health at the University of Central Florida.

During her first semester of nursing school, she learned that at least 80% of the ailments landing people in the hospital could have been prevented. Her job as a wellness peer consultant at the UCF Health Resource Center further confirmed her passion for prevention.

The Price of Empathy

Severe back pain provoked by long hours of studying sent Carole Suzanne in search of relief. When physicians and chiropractors couldn't help her, she turned to a massage therapist who resolved the pain by releasing a muscle in the front. She went on to teach Public Speaking, Student Success, and Personal Health at Valencia College. 


Her dedication to preventative health in addition to her brush with scary chronic back pain set the foundation for her to discover her calling and gifting as a medical massage therapist. An auto accident spraining her entire spine, one month into massage therapy school, gave her the touch of empathy that allows her to give clients what it takes to successfully implement lifestyle changes that maintain pain-free living. 


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Spine & Posture 

Unexplained Chronic Pain
Muscle Imbalances
Pinched Nerves


Cervical (neck)

Chronic pain resulting from: Migraine Type Headaches (80% resolve completely)
Forward head posture

Shoulder Pain

Hand Pain

Lumbar Related (lower back)

Unexplained chronic Pain


Osteoarthritis (Yes, knees)

Plantar Faciitis

Foot Drop Gait


Physician Trained 

Board Certified 



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