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Carole Suzanne Jackson, BS, MA, LMT, CMMP, NCTMB inspires, informs and offers new perspectives on building a wellness lifestyle. Her creative twists engage people in managing stress and averting worseness!  


Prior to going freelance, she taught Personal Health at Valencia College. Carole Suzanne is also a published writer and entrepreneur in the field of wellness, massage and stretch therapy. 


She owns and operates Restored by Touch Massage and Wellness Solutions. Features advanced medical massage specializing spine health as it impacts every part of the body. 


Wellness consultations provide lifestyle changes helping massage benefits last longer and tools for reaching health goals. 

Her topics and credits are below. She is available to give presentations at community organizations.

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  • Humor: Don’t Leave Home Without It (Health Benefits)
  • Stretches for Stresses – Super Charge Life's Pit Stops
  • Ergonomics: Kitchen to Garden to Office
  • Time Management for Health and Productivity
  • Fountain of Youth: Fitness for Hands, Arms, and Spine
  • Homerun to Resolution: Five Bases for Interpersonal Conflict Management
  • What’s Up Doc: Speaking with Your Physician
  • Self Empowerment: Choosing Your Mental Health Provider
  • Under the Light of Patient’s Rights
  • Massage for the Health of It
  • No Excuses: Called, Anointed, Appointed to Creativity

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Articles / Devotional (includes sample hyperlinks opening into a file at bottom of page)


Professional Experiences


  • Freelance  Writer since 2001
  • Adjunct Professor, Valencia Community College: Public Speaking, Personal Health, and Student Success
  • Wellness Adviser, University of Central Florida Wellness Center 
  • Central Florida YMCA’s Catch the Y Spirit Marketing Assistant
  • University of Central Florida’s Project CHEAR (Consumer Health, Education, and Advocacy Through Recreation) - Assistant Project Coordinator

Books and Manuals


  • Adams Media: A Cup of Comfort Devotional for Women (2005 contributing author) 
  • Cook Communications: The Groovy Chicks' Road Trip ™ to Love (2005 contributing author) 
  • River Oak Publishing (Imprint of Cook Communications): The Art of Helping: What to Say and Do When Someone is Hurting (2003 contributing author)
  • Northland Church TeleCare training manual: Caring in Life & Crisis (1998) 
  • Crescent Futures Group training manual: Iowa Grain Customer Equity Run Online Access (1996) 
  • Valencia Community College Public Speaking Course Addendum: Information Interview: Business Applications (1995)


Spine & Posture 

Unexplained Chronic Pain
Muscle Imbalances
Pinched Nerves


Cervical (neck)

Chronic pain resulting from: Migraine Type Headaches (80% resolve completely)
Forward head posture

Shoulder Pain

Hand Pain

Lumbar Related (lower back)

Unexplained chronic Pain


Osteoarthritis (Yes, knees)

Plantar Faciitis

Foot Drop Gait


Physician Trained 

Board Certified 



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