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                Advanced Medical Massage

                      Medical Massage vs Scoliosis 

Medical massage (MM) is an especially effective treatment for scoliosis. It provides for a customized approach to special needs presented by each part of the spine.


It’s crucial for anyone administering massage to understand which massage techniques are contraindicated for each part of the spinal curves. Some areas require exceptionally light treatments and others require exceptionally deep treatment. According to clinical testing, optimal results, when reaching deep muscles, require a layered approach never going beyond the first threshold of pain—experienced as “feel good tenderness.” This avoids muscle garding, thus the ability to go deeper. Massage techniques that are contraindicated for the condition, can further traumatize muscles that are already traumatized. It may feel better temporarily, but the overall impact can be harmful and certainly no lasting improvement.
The younger a person is when they start receiving massage customized for scoliosis, the better for preventing future problems and helping avoid surgery. Yes, parents can learn some techniques to use in helping care for their child between advanced treatments.
Yes, older adults can get significant results from advanced treatment protocols offered through EMM.


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Evie Vincent, a university student, was diagnosed with Scoliosis of approximately 20 degrees at age 18. She continued to get worse with chiropractic and therapeutic massage as evident in comparing her records of my treatment notes taken 18 months prior to her starting the treatments with the new therapist. She had stopped treatments with me in order to try the package deal offered by a chiropractor. Per Evie's description, his well-meaning massage therapist had treated both sides of the spine with similar techniques. Already weak muscles grew weaker. Imbalances were maintained rather than released. Evie felt better briefly immediately following treatments. Thus, the illusion of improvement.


After 18 months of unsuccessful therapeutic massage, she began receiving advanced MM Ss protocol. Though her intuition made her ask for deeper treatment on areas presenting with great pain, she trusted the MM process that targeted other areas to help restore muscle balance that would in time release those already traumatized areas.


This is what Evie, age 21, is saying about Restored by Touch:
“I have dealt with severe scoliosis pain that interfered with everything—standing, walking, cooking, sleeping, driving, and sitting. Now I can stay pain and tension free between medical massage sessions for 4 – 6 weeks! It took about a month of frequent treatments and gradually decreasing to less frequency before achieving this but I noticed improvement from the beginning.


I started medical massage short break protocols in December 2015 and currently continue with maintenance massage on average of every four weeks. I’m amazed at the precision of medical massage!


The protocol for scoliosis treating with superficial techniques in some areas and deeper in others including targeted stretching really makes all the difference compared to general massage. And, I’m motivated by the extra special self-care coaching and follow-up included with every session.


Carole has helped me overcome obstacles and find self-care options that appeal to my personal preferences. Learning to recognize my body’s early warning signs and how to manage them helps motivate me for self-care.

My favorite part of all is that special care and attention. And I can now do the normal things of life without pain! I’m very thankful for Carole and Restored by Touch.”

Anonymous. 70-year-old female. 40-degree scoliosis curve.


“As a retired massage therapist trained in medical massage, I can say this type of  MM is very different than anything I’ve experienced. During the start of my first MM session, it seemed so light, I didn’t think it would do much. Toward the end of the first session, I knew we were reaching some areas that needed deep work but <without> discomfort. The techniques used early had paved the way for effective pain-free deeper muscle release.  Some phases included treatment of periosteum trigger points on bony prominences. That is necessarily painful, but it’s a very small part of the treatment process and no lingering pain. It was only included in a few of the initial sessions--never in the maintenance sessions.

With high hopes that the restoration of muscle balance would allow visible changes in posture, we took pictures before and after the first 21 days into treatment.  Success; it’s visible! More importantly, I see it every day in the mirror when my clothes fit better—no more bunching up on one side or uneven hem lines on my dresses.

More important than visible changes, I can feel changes. I notice my improved sense of balance every time I dry off after a shower—no more need to hold on to something while I dry one foot. I also notice increased stability during simple balance ball exercises. The resolved pain in a relatively short time was well worth the investment!

Thus, far we are at maintenance treatment 3 since the photos. These are mostly a therapeutic massage with current frequency at every 2 weeks--much more relaxing than the initial MM protocols. Thus far, we have included a deeper focus on the left rhomboid muscles to continue increasing range of motion in my left arm and increase my rib cage balance.

Prior to receiving treatment at Restored by Touch, I went to a DO who specialized in neuromuscular health. That helped, but nothing near what these MM treatments have done for me. As someone who has been on top of muscle health treatment options for all my adult life, this is the best treatment I’ve thus far for Scoliosis.”


What’s more, I know Carole Suzanne as my long time former client. I know her high ethics and professionalism. She keeps the best interest of her clients first and foremost. She is candid about possible treatment outcomes. She will tell people if she is <not> able to help and she refer patients out for other specialties if necessary.

I highly recommend, at least getting evaluated to determine whether you are a good candidate for successful MM treatments.”

Pictures Before Treatment

Pictures 21 Days After Medical Massage Started

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